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Las mejores aplicaciones de lectura para iPhone y Android

Es casi seguro que ya tienes la aplicación Kindle instalada en tu iPhone o Android, pero eso solo rasca la superficie del vasto mundo de increíbles aplicaciones de lectura entre las que puedes elegir. Estos son algunos de nuestros favoritos que creemos que te encantarán, ya sea que estés leyendo largas novelas, cómics de superhéroes o un poco de ambos.

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  1. Nice, didn’t mention pirating say 150,000 books and having them stored forever for free… cool cool cool, definitely won’t do that

  2. Is this what I actually wanted to see? 🤷🏽‍♂️😡😡

  3. Bhai Hindi me vedio Ho to link bhej do

  4. God bye real and physical book

  5. I tried Audible and it doesn’t synchronize highlights over devices. I tried manually synchronizing and it just doesn’t work. People been having that issue since the beginning of last year and yet they didn’t fix it. For play books I don’t like using it because they interface doesn’t work good on all devices and I don’t like Google. Apple Books worked fine for me until you try to use anything other than Apple device. Also, Scribd is a complete mess, the UI both on Android and iOS is messy and unoptimized as hell, also no highlighting feature? So I don’t know what to do:(

  6. Its my first time I watch a wazird utuber

  7. get to the point for fucks sake

  8. this guy looks like an Indian version of Vsauce

  9. if Mr. Potato Head was a person…

  10. I dont know about this reading apps… but im using Marvin 3 as my ebook reader…

  11. Don’t forget Overdrive Media app it’s the same company as Libby so they pretty much operate with similar features & Overdrive is my most used app on my iPad

  12. Can’t read on my iPhone anymore because of over-sensitive links. I get unnecessarily distracted by being taken to unintended pages.

  13. i searched for free book apps and i got this video show up at top

  14. Misleading title. This video has great descriptions and reviews of eBook content sources, but nothing about the actual reading experience of them, and most important: Nothing about independent eBook Reading apps. I'd like to see a review and comparison of them. Displays, (fonts, font sizes, landscape vs portrait, light vs dark, bookmarking, etc.)

  15. App he recommended are
    Ebooks or audiobooks | Books or play books

  16. You say about free book reading aaps

  17. Hello, do u know any app to convert ebook (kobo book coming from library) into audiobooks on Android mobile pls

  18. Can someone send me the list of apps he said in the video because I can't be bothered to watch the whole thing

  19. Thank you for the good recommendation especially the Libby apps. It is amazing

  20. On first thought I like the concept of Libby. But then I realize that the only reason you have to return physical books to a library is because they can't be in two places at once and other people wanna read them too. But digital books can. So then the only reason to do it is to create artificial scarcity. That's the point I realize it's all kinds of bad and copying is not theft. I'd rather download illegally rather than indulge that.

  21. These are all book "stores" not necessarily reading apps..Bookari, Moon+, eReader Prestigio…those are reading apps.

  22. No recommendations for standalone ebook reader apps? I have a bunch of epub books, what's the beat app to read them with?

  23. Thank you for the great review. I have a library card and love my library. My problem is that I don't have any storage on my iPhone 5c to even download an app. I only have the apps that came on the phone and that I can't delete.

  24. My library has Hoopla too and it's 100 times better than Libby. you can rent comics from them too.

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