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Acondicionadores de aire portátiles: por qué no debería gustarles

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Oh no Es una nueva versión de un producto establecido que cambia la eficiencia por conveniencia. Pero esta vez es más que solo ser genial. Se trata de enfriamiento.

En serio, o debemos ser más conscientes de cuán estúpidamente portátiles son los aires acondicionados con una manguera, o solo tenemos que usar unidades de ventana siempre que sea posible. Aunque sé que a veces hay una unidad portátil (recuerde, estoy en este bote), las máquinas premium de muy alta capacidad parecen tener la opción de usar dos mangueras. Francamente, eso es estúpido, pero estoy tratando de decírtelo ahora.

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  1. If this is true your going to have to explain to me why my husband has to pull out his heavy quilt to be able to sleep without freezing his butt off, he is afraid on how cold this room can get and this is normally the hottest room in the house the compressor does not struggle with having to combat hot air pressure from outside at all.

  2. Started on YouTube today watching SJWs freak out. 30 minutes down the rabbit hole here I am learning why my portable AC sucks.

  3. tl;dr, if you need to buy an indoor AC unit, buy a dual-hose system.

  4. They should do a model which sucks outside air in, warms it, then the fan reverses and it blows the air out. So instead of needing two tubes, it’s just breathing in and out.

  5. I had a dual-hose portable unit in the last place I rented and it worked really well

  6. I loved your very enlightening discussion. I am on a fool's mission in India to promote a type of cooling, especially in large religious/institutional gathering common in that country that serve food as part of such meeting. These commonly are held in some of the hottest times of the year, April-Sept, and anyway, it does not matter, in southern India where it is always HOT.

    Compressed AIR will release heat at 2 points:

    1. Where air is compressed, it will release heat to a liquid with HIGH SPECIFIC HEAT, WATER, Specific Heat 1, being the choice here.

    2. Where the compressed air is released, there will be a cooling effect, to the extent of at least 20F. In Indian conditions, where the ambient can be as high as 140F to 100F, this degree of cooling is necessary during dangerous heat waves, as in Rajasthan, and the areas surrounding the National Capital Region, where the population density and political pressures make such arrangements cost-effective and viable. The climate is becoming increasingly worrisome, and the meteorological records will bear this out.

    Generally, in large gatherings, including massive pilgrimages that coincide with the peak summer weather, the necessary cooling as well as necessary steam generation for cooking, cleaning, public hygiene, could be managed with this principle, using compressed air and water.

    Indians only need temperatures reduced to around 90-95F, below the life-threatening zone, to feel at ease.

    They do not need the temperatures sought in Western air-conditioned spaces, at least not yet. I am speaking about the rural masses, not yet "spoiled" by affluence, and who need a very necessary service: the removal of life-threatening conditions in a VERY LARGE PUBLIC SPACE able to hold tens of thousands during hot forenoons and afternoons when temperatures are climbing above 110-130F . NOT LUXURY. And water itself is a luxury in those specific areas in Rajasthan, etc.

    The past few years will bear testament to the validity of my suggestions during savage heat waves. We have no means of providing cooling like hydrants, public libraries, etc. for hundreds of thousands, in smaller towns where such heat is experienced. However, air compressors are cheap. With or without a heat sink of water, alternative heat sinks can be constructed, e.g. to the ambient air, no matter the lowered efficiency. Compressed air, upon expansion, undergoes sufficient cooling to save lives on a mass scale, during such extreme heat waves.

    Or when masses of pilgrims throng in mobs, there is need for large jets of cooling air, and compressed air is a cheap and useful way of cooling large masses of humanity in a hot climate. It is not a perfect solution, but the cooling effect of compressed air expanding, should not be overlooked for URGENT situations unique to India.

    The weird thing is that suggestions made by Indians will be mocked and spurned, but when they come from sources v external to India will eager, ly be seized upon in India and popular support drummed up. Such is the level of inferiority complex, despite there not being any dearth of scientific knowledge in that society.

    Boiling water can be used as steam to perform tasks such as cooking food in mega kitchens, cleaning utensils, sterilizing such, and even evaporating, desalinizing brackish or poor quality water, or water derived from gray/black water. { See
    India's Mega Kitchens, Youtube, for the scale of food preparation, including those using solar collectors.]

    With additional heat derived from passive or active solar power [ Please refer to GE Solar turbines using salt water], systems can be cobbled together in tandem, to generate better efficiencies than solar collectors and solar panels. both of which I consider to be hugely energy inefficient if you were to take a total energy audit from mine to finished product. Hugely more destructive of the earth and resources. Just my ignorant opinion.

    Restaurant, hotel kitchens and other very large institutional kitchens in India could do their workers a huge favor, and contribute to public/food hygiene by allowing cooling vents to drop relatively cool air precisely targeted on to cooking and work stations. One merely has to observe the degree of sweat flowing, not just beading, off food service employees made to work to demanding schedules by F&B chains, to understand how acute the hygiene problems are becoming in this modern age.

    We have seen Charlie Chaplin films that show people being transformed into automatons for the sake of profit. In hot institutional kitchen of India, this is not a joke any longer!! People have to function according to an unmerciful clock. During the colonial times, such rigor was demanded of the operators of mills and steam locomotives, far removed from food preparation. Today, that level of penny-pinching has moved into corporate operations, where chef hats cannot conceal sweat rolling off brows and arms into food and salad bars!!!

    At the same time, the steam produced can be put to excellent use!

  7. Do you guys doesn't have that simpler and sleeker split system in America?

  8. so what's left of the efficiency of a single hose unit? and why aren't they banned in california?

  9. Wow i watched this vid years ago (wait did you re-upload this? I feel like i seen this b4 upload date suggests) when i was researching portable ac & you helped me thru that decision, now i watch your content regularly cuz i randomly stumbled upon your channel again & its amazing!

  10. This portable mini split is under development and should be available later in 2020.

  11. I have one and I can attest that they are very inefficient

  12. Idk what it is about you, but your videos pull me in every time. I’m learning stuff I never knew I wanted to learn at all

  13. Tis all true, window units have two pathways for the air. The outside pathway where air is sucked in thru the little vents on the side and expelled out the back thus getting rid of the heat. Then the inside pathway, where inside air is sucked in at the front , cooled then expelled at the front. Transfer of heat is achieved with refrigeration gas in pipes and "condensers". .. A portable airconditioner pulls air in at the front, cools it and expels it at the front, however, it expels the hot air, in a pathway the goes front to rear, thus getting rid of the heat but also causing a vacuum in the room. which will pull in hot air from outside.. I carried a portable aircon with me when renting due to (slow to fix) air con breakdowns in rented apartments which can be devistating in hot weather.

  14. It’s snowing here and I’m watching this. Lol.

  15. Its funny that landlords say that you can't have a window A/C unit, or will charge you extra per summer month for having one, but you can get the less efficient portable ones in anyways XD

  16. It’s a pain to set up when the window doesn’t open. Had to use these at work when the A/C broke. It took an hour to set up because we were crawling in the ceiling to run the hose and make sure we weren’t venting exhaust into the room. Definitely a last resort.

  17. “Air conditioners are pretty cool”

  18. My 14,000 btu Haier portable ac is lifesaver. I love it so much.

  19. This is all kind of obvious. But at least it was fairly interesting.

  20. Yeah I wish my window could accommodate my apartment but the last two places I've lived only have horizontal sliding windows

  21. TLDR: Portable units are louder, less efficient, gobbles up twice the watts & sucks out all the air out of the room – as opposed to traditional mounted unit

  22. I worked at store that carried window units and the portables. I was a very rare case that we would keep the portables sold. Most of them came back because of the reasons given in the video or they were just plain broken.

  23. Main reason I went with a double hose portable over a window unit is security. Single story house next to a street. So, have window locked open 15cm for a portable ones is a lot less attractive to thieves than a window open by 1/2 meter.

  24. Look at this refrigeration specialist ova hea

  25. This helped me understand the principles of thermodynamics more than you know. Thank you!

  26. That's why I use earplugs when sleeping with this device on. It works.

  27. I swicted from central heating and cooling and went to window unites. My power bill dropped from 300 monthly to 70 dollars.

  28. couldn't you put 2 hose into a single bundle effectively making it a 2 hose design? and they could insulate the output air hose a bit to control for heat dissipation back into the room.

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